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Selasa, 24 Mei 2011


Indonesia-German Model Jennifer Kurniawan

which is a footballer's girlfriend Irfan Bachdim circulated and became the object of washing the eyes of many netter in Indonesia. The photographs that reveal her sexiness and her breasts are plump. Half-naked photos and jars are great some are sourced from the account up Jennifer Kurniawan own.

As we know, the name Kurniawan Jennifer itself known in Indonesia as the famous Irfan Bachdim AFF Cup in 2010 and then with the Indonesian national team. Now Jennifer Kurniawan also choose to pursue a career in Indonesia, there's even news that Jennifer Kurniawan will play gonzo movie hot in Indonesia.

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In a First Brigadier Norman kiss photo looks middle intimate with a woman. Images similar to First Brigadier Norman kiss was originally circulated in kaskus forum site, and then made ​​headlines in many online news portal site of Indonesia.

From the recognition site users kaskus with the account name Follower, he gets a kiss photos of Norman First Brigadier Facebook account. Photograph itself in kaskus have been circulating since last May 3, 2011.

Top circulation of the photo, blasphemy once flowed to kaskus First Brigadier Norman. While today the Police Headquarters also mentioned will investigate and mongonfirmasi directly to the First Brigadier Norman about the photo.

"We will see first. We will check first, what is true or engineering. It could also later we will confirm to the person," said Chief of Police Public Information Commissioner Joey Boy Amar, as quoted from Karo Cyber​​.

Boy, who had seen the photograph that depicts a man kissing a woman, asked all parties to look at this objectively. Not necessarily find fault anggotaPolri, such as First Brigadier Norman. "It needs further investigation, engineering or not. Do not be talking about sanctions," he said.

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